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This is where you’ll find an incredibly wide range of information on an incredibly wide range of species in Canada, including those that are at risk. Exactly how wide? Oh, about 5 514 kilometres . . . which just happens to be the width of Canada from coast to coast.

For many Canadians, wildlife provides powerful images that help define the very essence of our country: the cry of a loon echoing across a lonely lake, the power and majesty of a polar bear, great Vs of Canada geese forging across the sky. Experiencing wildlife enriches the lives of all Canadians.

There are important emotional and social reasons why humans need to experience wildlife and nature from time to time. We all have to recharge our batteries, to get out and breathe a little fresh air. Sometimes simply taking a walk in the park or setting up a backyard bird feeder is enough; at other times we seek more active pastimes such as hiking, hunting, canoeing, or wildlife photography.

The quality of these experiences is directly related to the quality of our Canadian wildlife and wildlife habitat.