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Purge Pesticides From Your Schoolyard and Community

There was a strange stillness. The birds, for example — where had they gone? Many people spoke of them, puzzled and disturbed. The feeding stations in the backyards were deserted. The few birds seen anywhere were moribund; they trembled violently and could not fly. It was a spring without voices.
— Rachel Carson
Silent Spring, 1962

Rachel Carson’s classic book awakened the world to the perils of pesticides, which harm not only unwelcome weeds and bugs but also birds in the air, fish in the waters, life-giving plants on the earth, and, inevitably, ourselves. Almost 40 years later, we’ve outlawed some of the deadliest pesticides. Many others remain in popular use around homes and schools and continue to poison wildlife and people. It seems we can’t control pests without pesticides. Or can we? Here are a few alternatives:

Once you’ve studied the hazards of harmful chemicals and explored alternatives, take steps to make your school and community pesticide free: