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American Eel

Here are our new videos!!!

75th CWS

HWW is celebrating the 75th of the Canadian Wildlife Service!


Discover some Prairie species with our new videos!

wolf and maple

Brand new videos!

Have a look at what we've been working on!
Wood Duck

Check out our new fact sheet!

Discover the Mixed Woods Forest!
Northern Leopard Frog

New fact sheet!

We have a new fact sheet on the Northern Leopard Frog!
Sea Otter cover

The new PSAs are out!

octo cover

New Fact Sheet!

HWW releases a new series of videos on the chorus frogs!

These remarkably loud small critters can be heard near or far in early spring!
Common Raven

Nevermore will the Raven be misunderstood!

Find out more about this not-so-spooky bird with our new videos!
Snowy Owl Inuit Sculpture

In honour of Canada150, HWW presents... The Snowy Owl!

George Catlin - Buffalo Hunt, A Numerous Group

In honour of Canada150, HWW presents... The American Bison!!

Canadian stamp showing cod

In honour of Canada150, HWW presents... The Atlantic Cod!

Totem Pole with Pacific Salmon

In honour of Canada150, HWW presents... The Pacific Salmon!

Mi'kmaq Whale Hunt

In honour of Canada150, HWW presents... The North Atlantic Right Whale!


In honour of Canada150, HWW presents... The Beaver!


HWW's Wild Costume Contest!

Participate in our costume contest this Halloween!
Canada Lynx

HWW Features Two Iconic Rocky Mountains Species!

Discover the elusive Canada Lynx and the impressive Grizzly with the help of our new videos!
Barn Swallow

Celebrate 100 years of conserving our migratory birds!

In 2016, Environment and Climate Change Canada is celebrating the Centennial of the Migratory Birds Convention!
North American Lobster

HWW launches a new series of videos on the North American Lobster!

The North American Lobster may be an item on a fancy menu, it is, above all, an important wildlife species to our Atlantic coast’s ecology. On this World Oceans Day, Hinterland Who’s Who, with the help of its new series of videos, wants you to discover this fascinating animal! Dive in!
Atlantic Puffin

HWW celebrates NWW with new videos about the Atlantic Puffin!

It's National Wildlife Week! Join in the celebrations by learning more about the amazing Atlantic Puffin! Watch the latest HWW videos on this iconic seabird, and read up on their fascinating life with our reviewed fact sheet!

Discover Canada's Rainforest!

HWW is proud to present it's new PSA about the coastal temperate rainforest!

HWW filming on the West Coast!

Hinterland Who’s Who is filming three new videos in British Columbia this month!

Want more nature in your life?

Do you work in an office with a waiting room? Or maybe you spend a lot of time at the ice rink, or on a train, or up in the air?

Building greener homes

The Government of Canada is researching ways to reduce the negative environmental impact of building construction.

HWW gets an update!

There’s a lot to be said for the romanticism of a typewritten note.
HWW-Olympics 058.JPG

Woodrow the HWW Beaver cleared his calendar for the Olympics!

You might recognize Woodrow the Beaver from the newest Hinterland Who’s Who "Discover Biodiversity" webisode.

Call for nominations!

Each year, countless Canadians demonstrate their commitment to wildlife conservation through active involvement.

Spring is here!

Are you curious about the wildlife that may be returning to your neighbourhood as the weather warms?

New HWW webisode discovers biodiversity!

This entertaining vignette illustrates the variety and interdependency of Canada’s threatened wildlife, complementing the UN’s declaration of 2010 as International Year of Biodiversity.