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Discover Canada's Rainforest!

HWW is proud to present it's new PSA about the coastal temperate rainforest!

Rainforests are some of the most productive ecosystems on Earth. They are home to an astounding number of the world’s living organisms. British Columbia’s coastal rainforest is no exception: it houses many species of mosses, ferns and trees, like the sitka spruce and the western red cedar. The wild Pacific salmon, the Kermode bear (a white form of black bear also known as the spirit bear); the marbled murrelet, the wolf and the bald eagle are just a few of the wildlife species that live in this forest. In order for this ecosystem to function properly and sustain this significant number of species, every component of the forest plays a role, from fallen logs on the ground that house countless invertebrates to the high branches of trees where a great variety of birds thrive.

View the new PSA here. Learning about the coastal rainforest and its inhabitants is a great start to help conserving it!