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Vancouver Island Wildlife

Dear HWW;

I live in a rural area on Vancouver Island and have had the fortune, and sometimes misfortune, of dealing and seeing some wildlife. Last summer I was laying in bed, almost asleep when I heard a grunting outside my bedroom window. When I peeked out, it was a bear scratching its bottom on my downspout. Within the last month I have seen a spotted owl, which on another occasion just about flew into my car, 2 woodpeckers (the 2-3ft variety, sorry I don't know the names of the breed), and most recently a 3 year-old male cougar. We're still dealing with the cougar as it has been around for just over a week and has been spotted by myself on my property 3 times in the last day and a half, and has been spotted on my neighbors property twice just before, and has also been seen walking up and down the middle of the road for the last week and a bit by all neighbors. I'm saddened that the conservation officers are going to be hunting to kill the cougar soon because it has been eating cats and dogs, and growled at myself when I took my puppy outside to go to the washroom.