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Valerie, Loreburn, SK

This was truly a wonderful day! I decided to venture out on a hike and check on my Great Horned Owl nest to see how they were doing. When I got there, mom was alone and scanning the vicinity for dad as soon as I got close. I knew to be cautious and just quietly waited for her to settle down. She stared at me for a couple of minutes and then spread her massive wings and swooped out of the tree to another near by. I was puzzled for a second or two and kept a wary eye on her and a lookout for dad and then I looked at the nest. It was a wonderous, beautiful moment in my life that I shall never forget. Two babies lifted their heads and with wide eyes watched every move I made as I scrambled for that perfect shot with my camera. I snapped several shots and then stopped in amazement. Mom had been closely watching me and suddenly, I felt as though she was looking right into my soul and allowing me the priviledge of seeing her babies after all these weeks of watching and waiting. I took a couple more pictures, thanked her and quietly left her to be alone with her family.

Was she merely moving to a better location to be able to protect her babies from an intuder if need be or had she grown used to me and was giving me the gift of being able to see her babies? I would like to think it was a gift as that is truly what it was. A beautiful gift.

Loreburn, Saskatchewan