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Trisha, Muskoka, Ontario

hello, my name is Trisha,

I have a couple stories.

My first was a couple years back when my sister and I were home by ourselves and we had no idea what was outside of our door until a neighbour had called knowing we were home alone to tell us that there was a bear at our steps. So, my sister told me to stay away from the window but I knew no better so went to the window and there was a big black bear tearing at our wooden tool box (it was pretty large and we had put garbage in it). We had tried multiple times to scare it off, a man drove into our driveway and chased it off with a rake but it did not work. We had a problem. The bear kept coming back. Then our dad came home, and he has a black truck with a loud muffler so when he pulled in the driveway and the bear ran for it and crossed the road. We havent had a bear here since!

My second story happened just last night. We had a raccoon in our birdfeeder and it was so fearless. We shone a light on him, hit the window, and everything possible that we could do while inside. After about 50 minutes, it went off. It hasn't come back yet, butI hope it does, iI love the little raccoons.

Muskoka, Ontario