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Tiffany - 12 years - Lucknow Ontario

Dear HWW,

A couple years ago ( I think I was 7) I was camping at a nearby campground called Long Point. My family goes there every year for about a month. Well one day we were playing around on the side road playing scoop ball, when I looked to the side and I saw a painted turtle digging a whole to lay her eggs. We realized about 5 minutes later that we should leave her alone. So we went back the next day, we expected the turtle to be there but she wasn't. But we looked inside the whole and we saw little eggs. They were so small. Well the last day we were there we were about to leave. I wanted to go see the eggs. But to my luck the eggs were cracking and I saw the baby painted turtles! They were so cute! I wanted to take one home but I thought about it and I knew that they were wild and they belonged right where they were.

Thanks For Listening.

12 years, Lucknow, Ontario