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Stephanie, Vernon B.C.

Hi, my name is Stephanie. I have a few interesting wildlife stories to share that would probably only happen once in a lifetime.

Just today, as I was walking home from my school, which just so happens to be by a creek, I saw a big bird in a tree by the creek. It had a white head, and a brown body. It wasn't an eagle, though. So I went on this very website to see what kind of bird it was. I soon found out it must be an osprey. It was very unusual for me to see because I have never seen one before, even though I've only been alive for 11 years. On to the next story...

At this house I used to live at, we had a big window in our living room. Outside, a roof kind of came down from there. Practically everyday, this hawk, who me and my family called Glider, would come and perch on the roof there. I wish I still lived there, cuz' now he's probably looking for us. There other hawks here in B.C., infact, I've seen as many as 3 hawks flying near by each other and in the spring I see them just about every day, so hawks are a common sight. But never, will there ever be a hawk like Glider who comes and perches by your window.

One day, at school, me and my friend went by the fence around the school yard, looking at the creek. Then, we spotted a great blue heron! It was so big! Herons do nest in trees in B.C., but I've never seen one so close up, plus it ate a fish!

Okay, I didn't see this one, but my mom did! At night, my mom heard this noise from outside! She went to see what it was, and there was a female deer in our front yard, and a live in a town, except I'm a country girl. Anyway, It got startled and jumped over a nearby fence. Why didn't my mom wake me up to see it?

If I have anymore animal stories I'll send em' this way!

Vernon, British Columbia