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We have several squirrels that come every morning to feed. When I don't have anymore nuts to feed them, they are happy to eat my peanut-butter crackers.

When finished they will come up to my kitchen window, look in until they get my attention. When they see me go towards the door, they scramble down to meet me for their next little bite.

There are 9 different squirrels that come to me. They live in the trees across and down the street from me. Early morning I will go out onto my porch and do a clicking sound and they respond almost immediately. On occasion when they didn't get my attention and they finally give up and run home, I will once again call them and they will stop in their tracks and come back to me.

Each one has its own unique markings. One I have named Clipear. She has a chunk out of her ear. Two others have short stubby tails. I call them the bobsy twin. Another has a broken tail. I call him rat-tail. A black one is called Blackie. Two more have rings around their noses. I named them Ringer. One has lots of brown markings. He is called Brownie. The last one has a problem either with his neck or blind in one eye. He leans to one side and looses his balance when he darts off. He looks a like squirrelly so that's what he's called.

I can't express how much entertainment they give my husband and I. One day the twins where playing at the base of the tree when I noticed that one of them was sitting still while the other one played with a little twig that had fallen from the tree. She flipped around for at least 5 minutes. We couldn't help but laugh hilariously. There are some family members that think of them as glorified rats. We enjoy feeding them and wish there is a way to domesticate them.

Thanks for your time.