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Sam the seal

When I was a little girl, my dad took me ice fishing and he started to tell me about a seal that pops up onto the ice. I thought he was joking with me but I was interested in the story. Well to my amazement my dad took out a sandwich out of his lunch bag and put it by the hole in the ice, he told me "to stay still and wait " I did. after awhile my dad said " look at the hole " ..and I did .....all of a sudden the ice started to crack under me I moved back and I saw a huge seal in front of me ....I was WOWED!!! Then the seal slid across the ice to my dad. I told dad to move but he didn't, he said "to stay there and watch him" and I did ..the seal sat next to dad and leaned on him, he took out another sandwich and gave it to the seal, then dad fee it more stuff and the seal was so happy ..later dad told the seal to go home and the seal went back down the hole, then dad told me a story ...he said "the the seal was his friend for 3 years now" . I was so wowed at the whole story. I started thinking that my dad was going crazy !!(I was 6 tears old !!) Any way, 3 years later the same seal that I called Sam,c ame back every week and my dad and I feed him every week but sadly ( Sam ) the seal was killed. I don't agree with killing of animals but I still look back on that and still smile!! My whole family are nature lovers. PLEASE RESPECT WILD ANIMALS!!

Newfoundland and Labrador