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I have been a wildlife photographer for several years and have been lucky enough to have several encounters with moose, deer and other willdlife. I have a pond where I go and watch the duck migrations in the spring and fall. I was lucky enough to see a couple of otters there last fall and was very amazed that they were there. I had never seen them there before. I even managed to get a few shots of one of them. This summer I was at the pond and was again surprised to see them, except this year, there was more than two. There were five of them. I was very gratefull to be able to watch this family of otters for weeks and was able to capture a few shots of them in a small bay of the pond that they called home. I would see them coming and going out of their den under a tree that had fallen at the edge of the pond. This was one of my best experiences in the wild and I hope to watch them raise another family next year.