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Nikita, Mississauga, Ontario

Hi, my name is Nikita. I'm from Mississauga, Ontario and I am 13 years old. I love wildlife and would do anything to protect it. Here are a few stories of some of my experiences.

Ever sinse I was little, I loved camping with my family and friends. When I was in grade one, my family and a few of my friends went camping to Algonquin Park. On the first day, we had a small visitor to dinner. It was a cute little chipmunk. We fed it nature friendly foods and for the rest of our stay, he kept coming back for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We nicknamed him Chipy. One day, my aunt was cutting strawberries for us when Chipy jumped on her leg for some strawberries. She screamed and we all laughed at her. My dad also told me that at Algonquin Park, early in the morning, he heard a moose. He turned around and saw it running right past him.

A few weeks ago, I went camping with my family and friends again. At this place, there were tons of monarch butterflies! I loved watching them while on the beach. I was happy to see them because I was aware of them being endangered because of HWW. One of my friends saw a monarch and was about to throw a rock at it. I quickly yelled out to him that it was a monarch and I had stopped him just in time.

About a year ago, my friends and I were walking home from school. As we walked we noticed a baby robin chirping on the ground and a dead robin beside it. By the looks of it, The adult robin had been attacked by a cat. I almost wanted to cry. I knew that the baby was left alone. My friends and I got a shoebox and took it to my house. We carefully(without touching it) put it of the tree in my backyard and watched it from far away. Another robin came up to it and after a few minutes, the new robin was teaching the baby one how to fly. Then, they flew off together.

I hoped you liked my stories and currently, I am trying to convince my family and friends to take interest in the wildlife around them.

Mississauga, Ontario