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Megan, Ontario

My parents my sister and I were vacationing on a mountain in Quebec this summer. It was a cool day so we decided to go horse-back riding. Now horse-back riding up a mountain is one thing, but horse- back riding up a mountain on the slowest, most stubborn horse ever is another. As you've probably already guessed I got the slow one.

The other horses were about a few hundred yards ahead leaving slow poke and me all alone. Feeling grumpy I dismounted the horse and continued to walk up the mountain for about ten minutes, when I heard a sound near a creek where I had been planning to stop and rest. Holding the horse by the reins I looked around the corner to find a young deer, a doe and a full grown buck.

This creek wasn't very wide, a few feet at most. I was too tired to worry about scaring away the deer, so I let the horse eat as I sat, on the other side of the creek watching the deer. They hadn't left, this surprised me a lot because I always thought deer to be very timid creatures, but as I was laying in the grass, humming, the deer grazed and drank not looking bothered by my presence in the slightest. It was a day that ill never forget