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Martinka from Heavenly Havelock

Dear HWW,

Where to begin ..... well, first of all spring must be officially here, although the cold temperatures and intermittent snowfalls would not indicate the change from our winter season to spring .... the 30 or so robins on my front lawn would certainly indicate otherwise. I don't believe I've ever seen so many fine feathered friends in one place at one time. It was truly amazing ! 

As well, because we've had a lot of rain recently, the fields have an excess of ponds in them. In those ponds/wetlands, I had the privilege recently to witness, 4 blue herons. At one point I saw 3 take off into flight, while one remained by the water's edge. What a sight to behold ! Later on Saturday just before the sun set, I had one of these beautiful creatures flight over the deck (about 4 or 5 feet away) I was totally in awe ! Not only had I never seen any cranes in the Havelock area, but to have one fly over so close was unheard of. I heard a lot of frogs croaking, so there would be no shortage of food for these graceful birds. 

I also have 2 little downy woodpeckers who are very well camouflaged, and more often than not, you hear long before you see them. They're quite the industrious little bird. 

There are many hawks in the area looking for tender morsels. 

Actually, last fall I'm sure I spotted a bald eagle flying in my field. And one night, while washing the dishes I saw a nest high up in a tree. It was a fairly large nest, probably suited for an eagle or a hawk. 

White-tailed deer have plentiful. They seems to like eating the buds off my burning bush and it would appear they love parsley - either curly or flat-leafed ...... no real preference, like both equally ! I don't think any of my lilies or tulips had too long a blooming period last spring. 

I think that's all for now with my frogs and feathered friends ! 

All is good with Mother Nature in rural Ontario.