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M. J. Speer


I just received a Bulletin from the Canadian Wildlife Federation and on p.7 it says if we have a wildlife story we'd like to share, to drop you a line. Well I do have one that might be of interest. It's about "Charlie, the Chick-a-dee" and how it cheered up my recuperating husband.

One day, this past Spring, as I was emptying some seeds in our bird feeder, a little cheeky Chick-a-dee landed on my hat. So, the next day, I offered it some feed in my hand first and to my surprise it sat on my hand and took a seed. This continued every day and became quite a habit. I named him "Charlie".

Well, my husband had been feeling down in the dumps lately and for good reason. He was recuperating from a heart attack, a quadruple by-pass surgery and discovering that he was diabetic. Then he also realized that he'd have to retire from work.

So, I told him about Charlie, hoping to cheer him up and encouraged him to see if the little bird would land on his hand. Well, sure enough. We called "Charlie" and he came all the way over to our back door, which is well away from the bird feeder, and sat on my husband's hand. It just lifted my husband's spirits. So then my husband looked forward to going outside everyday and calling Charlie over, to eat out of his hand. It's amazing what a little bird can do! [I've attached a few pictures of "Charlie" on our hands.]

Thank you for the article about the "Coon Commando" in the Bulletin. I found it very amusing.

M. J. Speer