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Lindsay, Ancaster, ON

My Summer Hummingbird Experience

As I was doing my normal routine of replacing the seeds in the bird feeder this past summer, I heard a small, humming sound. When I turned my head, I saw a ruby throated hummingbird hovering above my head! I didn't want to scare it away so I stood still for about 10 minutes, well that's what it felt like, as the magnificent hummingbird hovered around me. It was hovering about 5 cm beside my head, and I was scared that it was going to poke me in the head with it's long, narrow beak! I guess it was waiting to drink from the hummngbird feeder, which happened to be hanging right beside me. I am still amazed to this day, because ruby throated hummingbirds are not social birds! It was truely a once in a life time experience!

Ancaster, Ontario