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My story is about urban wildlife. One summer day I was travelling up Connors Road in Edmonton. It was a beautiful day and I was enjoying the scenery when for some reason I slowed down.

I suddenly noticed what my mind had subconsciously seen... a family of skunks crossing the road in front of me. I stopped and even the oncoming traffic stopped. No one honked or moved. I'm certain we all didn't want to be sprayed.

But as I sat there I became enchanted with the line of kits. The mother was leading them across and the kits were following nose to tail. I counted 10 kits. Is that a normal amount for skunks?

Anyways, the last kit was particularly slow and he got lost. He started wandering around. Soon his mama came looking for him and all 9 of his brothers and sisters. Now the line was a hilarious circle of confused kits. Mama Skunk and all the drivers stayed patient and she eventually got them sorted out and continued across the road.

I checked my clock and realized it was 8 minutes and not a impatient honk from anyone. I wouldn't need a tomato bath that night!