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Jonathan, Northern Ontario

Hello, my name is Jonathan and I was reviewing your list of wildlife that will be impacted by climate change but I couldn’t help noticing that the Whiskey Jack (Grey Jay) was not included. Here in Northern Ontario, the Whiskey Jack is a staple during our winters but is/ will be affected by climate change in the following way. During the winter months, the Whiskey Jack establishes several food caches under tree bark and in tree crevasses that requires constant cool/cold temperatures in order to preserve the food to help it survive the long cold winters. With the more common temperature fluctuations we are experiencing, these food caches are susceptible to thawing and spoiling leaving the Whiskey Jack with even more obstacles to overcome in order to survive.

They are a constant companion to me during my winter ice fishing expeditions, looking for some bait scraps or the occasional piece of sandwich. Curious and graceful, our winters and ice fishing trips wouldn’t be (and sadly may not be) the same without this wonderful bird.

Thank you for your fantastic educational initiatives.