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John, Whitby, Ontario

Hey everyone. Isn't it surprising what turns up in our backyards sometimes?

My Dad made a pond in our backyard - in the suburb of Whitby ontario - about 8 years ago. It is kept in a natural state, it's about 1 ft. deep on average and about 10 ft. long. He did this with the intention of beautifying the backyard and enjoying the ambience a pond creates... To our surprise it has done much more!!

We have fish in the pond, and there is a constant flow of new minnows to be found in every corner of the pond. Every June, dragonflies are born in our pond and can be seen flying around or resting on the lily pads. It's a year round water source for birds and local rabbits.

This year, 1000 or so tadpoles have hatched! The pond is a safe haven for them - no really serious predators out to get them... It's so fun to watch their behaviour and watch them grow so rapidly.

We live in the middle of a city, and it surprised us all to see a great blue heron the other day hunting at our pond. I was scared for our fish but at the same time I was thrilled to know we are helping out the amazing great blue heron in some way. Sure, it took a few fish, but that's nature!

Bottom line: Make a pond! Or have fun in your backyard by incorporating a little more of mother nature.

Whitby, Ontario