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Jaycee - Nanaimo B.C

Dear HWW,

I have a few sStory's to tell everyone who is reading this.

Once hen my grandpa was here on Vancouver Island, he rented a cabin that had tree's all around it (and trouble making squirrels) we were outside just talking you know "family talk" and my grandpa felt a bump on his head. Then it happened again and we looked and there was a squirrel dropping pinecones on his head, so he moved but it followed him and dropped more pinecones on his head so he had to go inside.

At my grandma and grandpa's house they live in a forest so they always have animals around their house. They have had a squirrel named Peanut, a humming bird who has come back for 2 years who's name is May, and A robin's nest as well!

Peanut's used to eating the bird seed but now he has found a mate so we don't see him anymore. May is practicing flying to the south for winter with her twins and the year before she had twins as well but one fell out and died which was very sad, and the robins have grown up and the triplets are flying too.

We have also seen quails And my grandmother' has seen a black bear too which scared as my grandma's said the Bajeepers out of her.

My dad is in school as an electrician and he is in his 4th year but when we were driving up there my brother and I saw 2 blackbears. It was amazing I had never seen blackbears before. I was so happy I had that experience which I will never forget.

I have also seen deer too, and a bird that was trying to drop wood on me and my mom when we were a Bowen Park.

Well those are all of my stories, thanks for listening!

Nanaimo, British Columbia