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J. , North Bay, Ontario


I live on Gould Avenue, North Bay, Ontario and this morning around 8 a.m. ; one of my dogs started to bark and the little one, Cleo, ran towards the end of my backyard and right there behind my fence was A White Tail Deer (large) with I believe the horns were straight up, not curved.

Anyways, once my dog started to run towards it, it turned around and took off.

This Spring we had 3 Moose early morning around 4 a.m. in the morning; however, my dogs woke up because those 3 Moose walked onto my front lawn and then, into the neighbours yard; however, I told my little dog to go back to sleep and to come downstairs, so she did. And I didn't personally, see the Moose, because I thought my dog was barking for that stray cat that roams the neighbourhood.

However, my neighbour saw them, and the other one; knows a lot about animals and he showed me the tracks in his yards.

Right behind our houses is the Highway 11 heading to the Northgate Square Mall (Walmart); so for those animals to get to our street; they had to cross 6 streets and the very busy street of Airport Hill.

I'm an animal lover; however, I'm glad that my backyard is fenced in; so my two dogs won't get hurt; and neither will the wild animals.

Thank you for listening,

North Bay, Ontario