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Esther, Vancouver Island, B.C.


My name is Esther, and this is my story:

We have a small forest beside our house, and my sister and I go in it almost every day. A couple months ago, as we were racing into the forest, I stopped suddenly, because a huge bird flew right beside me and landed on the branch in front of me. I was amazed at what it was a Great Horned Owl! It was the biggest bird I have ever seen. My sister and I just stood there, staring at that magnificent bird. His talons were huge, his eyes a bright yellow, and his ears stood tall. He did a little show for us; he turned around half way- just his head! Then after about three minutes, he smoothly glided off the branch four meters in front of us, gliding all the way to another tree- a fir tree- until we couldn't see him anymore. Seeing that Great Horned Owl was an amazing experience- and for some reason it was out in the open during the middle of the day at twelve noon!

Vancouver Island, British Columbia