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Eric, Wasaga Beach Ontario

My friend and I were going from the barn to the river one November afternoon near dark to fish.

He had a small female black and white mixed Spanial dog with us, that loved to put the run onto deer.

We stopped the truck to let the dog out and she ran on ahead and we stayed behind her. The track was along side a mixed forest in an old field that was full of scattered juniper height scrub bushes, and waist high old grass, with patches of snow.

We travelled about 50 yards and the dog was 10 yards in front of us, nose down, when all of a sudden an owl attacted the dog, bolled her over, then flew back up to the tree top, The dog got up and chased the owl barking her head off and the owl ( after we got out to check the dog ) was screaching louder than the dog's barking.

I checked out the owl on the internet and found out they can't smell and skunks are on their diet so in doing a replay of that day the owl thought the dog was a skunk.

Good thing the owl missed her mark or the dog would of ended up her dinner.

I'll never forget that day.

Wasaga Beach, Ontario