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One day my father, my smaller brother and I decided to take a walk in the woods. While we were there we saw a mother deer and her baby. It was just an amazing experience.

Since that "amazing experience" had such an effect on us, we decided to go again. And guess what we saw? Another deer! By then I had felt we all had interest in seeing these wonderous creatures. So I suggested another walk... and that exactly what we did.

On the third walk we were expecting to see another deer, but instead of a deer we saw a bear! Now the bear wasn't up close but it was still very nice to see.

On the fourth and fifth walk there were no more of these animals because there was some construction in a nearby place.

We started to give up on the sixth walk and on the seventh. Finally it was no more... at least for the time. But then my father got a great idea! He said "Hey, why don't we put some peanuts on the porch or in the garden?" and so my brother and I thought that was a great way to attract at least one squirrel and soon enough that thought was becoming true.

As more squirrels came we were more excited. But then my father thought it would attract something more than squirrels and so we stopped.

At least a month later we had 2 more bear witnesses. The first one was a shocker because the bear was right in our backyard! We all thought it might've been chewing on some fruits.

The second time was in our neighbor's garbage! It was a little, cute, baby bear cub.

Well... those are my stories. Hope you enjoyed them!