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Elizabeth Rose Lee. Age 8. Grade four.

As me and my brother,Daniel and sometimes my 5 year old kindergartener brother, Charles are waiting for the bus every morning we are usually making lot's of noise when our 10 year old golden labrador Copper, and 9 month year old maltese, Snowball, are barking as loudly as they can. But now we've discovered something amazing and magical. The forest is like a concert of animals. How do we know that? Well, one amazing morning as we were waiting for the bus with the fresh, cool wind blowing silently in our faces. Daniel caught the sound of a chickadee. Charles stopped laughing and listened. I stopped sweet-talking Snowball and listened. Snowball and Copper were as silent and as still as statues. Three chickadee's called "Chick-a-dee-dee" and crows answered with a caw. A train silently steamed and it made the forest sound more magic. A least 5 different types of birds(it's possible there can be we live very close the forest)joined in at the same time. The train made it's low, soft, sweet tender sound as it made the forest echo with light. The leaves crackled under the small animals feet. Than the most magical thing happened the whole time. A flock of chickadee's came circling around our fence and settled. Me, my brothers and dogs did not move a muscle. We did not want to frighten the birds. They were so beautiful. The crows and other birds called out to the chickadees. Daniel and Charles named the unique ones names. So did I. The one with red on it's wing, the one I called Ruby, the one that Daniel calls Lava-Flame, and also the one that Charles calls Jenny, flew up and sang a note so brilliant that it echoed through the whole forest. The pretty one,Crystal I called her, that certainly did not look like any others, sang a note very high. That's when the sad moment came. The bus rumbled and frightened all of the birds. We got on to the bus, and thought of our magical moment out there in the wonderful breeze. About Ruby, Crystal and so many others. About the forest.

Elizabeth Rose Lee
Age 8,