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Last year we were camping in Tobermory, Ontario. We set up camp and put the cover around the windshield of the RV. The next day I noticed a leaf had fallen in between the cover and the windshield. When I came back a little later the leaf had moved. On closer inspection discovered it was a brown bat.

It was amazing he had climbed in between the cover and the glass. We had a perfect view of the little guy. He would sleep, scratch, then clean himself, move around and sleep some more. Sometimes he would stretch his wings and give them a thorough cleaning, it was great to watch.

Around 10 o’clock at night he headed for the upper corner of the window and away he went. He flew around our campsite for awhile then was gone.

The next morning got up and there he was back under the cover sound asleep. He had adopted us. It was great. We were there for a week and he would leave every night at dusk and be back in the morning when we got up.

Being between the cover and glass we had a perfect view of all his habits. It was amazing. The last night we were there when he took off we removed the cover so he would have to go somewhere else in the morning. Was sad to see him go.

Took lots of pictures and movies of our visitor. Was something I won’t forget.

Not everyone gets a front row seat to the life of a bat.