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Ciaran, age 8

Dear Hinterland Who's Who,

I have three wildlife stories to tell you. The first is when I went sailing with my Mum, Dad and sister around Thailand. We stopped on a small island and I walked along the beach and got a big shock when a herd of Macaque monkeys came running along the beach towards me. As I was only three at the time, I got very scared, turned round and ran back to my Dad. He picked me up and we hurried to the dinghy and went back to our boat. Later, we found that this place was called Monkey Bay! The second happened when we lived in Singapore - my dad found a baby spitting cobra behind a curtain.

Another time, last year, I was on a ski chairlift on Whistler Mountain when I saw a baby black bear climbing up one of the poles of the chairlift. Then I saw the Mother Bear come out of the trees, stop at the foot of the pole and 'tell' her baby to get down rightaway! It was very exciting.

I hope you like my stories.

Age 8,