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This summer my mom and I went camping. One early morning, I was up making us breakfast when I heard this crashing through the bush that surrounded the campsite. I turned and saw this magnificent Buck. He just stared at me for a moment then continued walking.

I was so excited! I couldn't wait for my mom to wake up so I could tell her. Just then I heard a quieter crashing noise. As I watched silently, a Doe and her Fawn followed after the Buck. I guess he was lookout or something. Absolutely breathtaking!

What makes it even better is, at lunchtime, mom and I were enjoying a quiet conversation at the picnic table (located at the edge of the camping area) and the little fawn returned. Mom and I just watched, and the little fawn, feeling safe, laid down in the grass and fell asleep! She stayed there for quite some time. Mom and I alternated between watching her and playing cards! It was a one in a million-billion day!

Thanks for reading about my camping trip adventure!