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We live in the inner city of Winnipeg but we stay connected to nature by feeding the birds. Most often we get house sparrows but we also enjoy other birds such as nuthatches, purple finches, bluejays,woodpeckers and my favorite, chickadees.? Last summer we began feeding black sunflower seeds to chickadees by hand, and one day a bluejay was nearby, eyeing us. My teenage son wondered if he could be lured to snatch a peanut.? When he stood very still for a while, sure enough, the bluejay swooped down, snatched the peanut, went to hide it under a nearby leaf, and immediately came back for more.? We kept feeding him and by now our neighbourhood has many peanuts under leaves and other secret spots!? We kept feeding the jays all summer, and are looking forward to feeding them again this summer. Our friend Dave even tried putting a peanut on his bald head, and sure enough, the bluejay swooped down and expertly snatched it from there too.

Winnipeg, Manitoba