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Backyard sanctuary

Over a year ago we opened our" backyard sanctuary" and with each new season comes new wildlife. We live in a small village in Sask. where we have two large lots. The mature trees supply food and shelter for all that visit. We are in the process of planting more natural foods for the birds and creatures,but with winter coming our main concern now is providing extra shelter and feeding stations.I have attached some pictures of a few visitors we had this year and with each picture there is a story... PV is the squirrel who has taken up residence in one of our trees and has also stuffed the drey we put up for the squirrels for those cold winter nights.The Sora appeared one morning and only stayed briefly,I was told it really shouldn't be in my neck of the woods at all. The Northern Flicker is one of five we had this year. The Brown Thrasher is a repeat summer resident,they had a family of two this year.The Bluejays made an appearance last year and we are hoping they will be back again. The owl was chased into my back pinetree by a flock of crows this year and gave me a scare when i went outside and was face to face with it.Lastly the Downy woodpecker and its mate arrived a couple of weeks ago. Last year we had a pair that stayed all winter and loved to eat walnuts from a dish on our patio table. Opening up your backyard to wildlife is one of the most entertaining things anyone one could do. It is a committment you have to take seriously but one we find very rewarding...