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Hello, my name is Amanda and I would like to introduce myself and tell you about some of our recent experiences on our journey. My husband and I decided to take our business on the road while homeschooling our children while living in an RV travelling Ontario and enjoying the beautiful natural setting along with so much education we all learn day-to-day since January 2008.

On my company blog called we dedicate much of it to Ontario Parks and wildlife as we currently are staying in Arrowhead Provincial Park volunteering our time to help out around the park and also used Hinterland Who’s Who to link up more information on many wildlife we have come across. I have had many encounters with moose, a black bear, marten and much other wildlife with thousands of pictures we are still in the process of enhancing and framing as we take more each day.

I have stories and many pictures in my gallery in explaining our journey. Please feel free to contact us or link us up if you are interested in our daily journey.

Thank you for your many years of education as I always enjoyed and still do enjoy listening when your information segments on our precious wildlife come on tv and now enjoy reading on your website, my children also enjoy when they see these segments and now they especially enjoy living them.