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Foster Old-Growth Forests

Many creatures can survive only in very particular habitats. The Newfoundland Pine Marten, for example, loves old-growth forests that are full of fallen logs, rotting leaves, and stumps. New forests that have been replanted after logging do not serve the needs of this species, nor do cleared woods. Nearly 70 per cent of the Newfoundland Pine Marten’s habitat has already been lost through logging.

Although other Canadian provinces and territories have Pine Martens, the Newfoundland species is found nowhere else in the world. A recovery team is now developing a plan to see that the Newfoundland Pine Marten will never disappear.

Would you like to give some foster care to an old-growth forest? Contact your government forestry department to find out if one of these ancient habitats is located near you. Learn all about the species that flap, leap, howl, squeak, and flower there. Visit the area and spend some time getting to know this amazing habitat. How many years did it take to develop? Is it protected? Is any human activity or development planned there? Could you protect the forest by writing letters or by giving presentations? Lots of people don’t know how important it is to take care of these ancient forests—so now’s your chance to fill them in!