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Attract the American Robin to Your Garden


Birds rely on a variety of food sources that can change at different times of their life cycle.  Some birds that eat seeds as adults require insects to feed their young.  Planting is the best way to ensure you meet the needs of the greatest diversity of birds throughout the seasons.

American Robin

American Robins are famous for eating worms.  To aid them in their search for these creatures, avoid using chemicals on your lawn and use fall leaves as mulch in your flowerbeds to provide prime foraging areas.  Robins love fruit, so provide them with cherry, crab apple, elderberry, holly, serviceberry, dogwood, viburnum, and other berry-producing trees and shrubs.  They often nest in apple or maple trees but will also choose coniferous trees, such as spruce or hemlock, for early nests.

For more ideas on attracting birds or choosing plants, see the following Web site:

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