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Build a Bat House

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Lesson Plans

Putting up a Bat House

The scarcity of suitable roosting sites threatens bats' survival. Putting up bat houses is a great way to help bat populations. To increase the chance of enticing bats to take up residence in your bat house(s), consider the following:

Two-chamber Rocket Box

Bat house

Materials List


Pole Sleeve

Inner Shell

Outer Shell


Final Steps

To order this brochure or a Bat poster go to:

These plans were adapted from a design by John Wilcox generously provided by Bat Conservation International (BCI). Please report successes or failures with your bat house to BCI at (512) 327-9721, or

CWF would like to thank Bat Conservation International for their help. For more information on bats or bat houses check out their very informative website at

Illustrations by Michel Poirier