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Woodrow the HWW Beaver cleared his calendar for the Olympics!

You might recognize Woodrow the Beaver from the newest Hinterland Who’s Who "Discover Biodiversity" webisode.  Woodrow has lived at the Muskoka Wildlife Centre (MWC) in Ontario ever since suffering a fractured skull in his youth, which required wildlife surgeons to remove his front teeth.  At the MWC, even a toothless beaver can have a rewarding career as one of Canada's most iconic animals!  Most of the time you'll find Woodrow helping MWC's educators teach Canadians about wildlife, which means he is used to traveling to schools and groups to meet all kinds of interesting people.  In February 2010, he went to British Columbia to see what all the Olympic excitement was about.  He had a great time in Whistler with Hinterland Who’s Who hosts Jody Gienow and Louis-René Sénéchal.   Read more about Jody, Louis and the rest of the Hinterland Who's Who cast by visiting the HWW WhoTube.

Here are more pictures from of Woodrow's adventure:

Woodrow hangs out with Canada's other iconic species: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police.



Woodrow decides that bobsledding is not for beavers, despite what some cartoons might suggest.

Woodrow gets to know some humans who are closer to his own size. 

Woodrow was getting some well-deserved rest while this little girl explored what it might feel like to be a beaver.  She had flippers on her feet for stong swimming, goggles on her eyes for underwater vision, and a thick coat to keep her warm.