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Below Zero Activity Guide: Canadian Wildlife Federation
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Hinterland Who’s Who fact sheets: Canadian Wildlife Service
Leatherback Seaturtle fact sheet: Department of Fisheries and Oceans with the Canadian Wildlife Service

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For special permission to post “spoof” Hinterland Who’s Who clips:

The Mountain Kangaroo –- Canadian Magazine Publishers Association 2002

Fans –- The Ottawa Senators Hockey Club

The Woodchuck –- The Second City

Curling Lead –- TSN

Curling Second –- TSN

Curling Vice –- TSN

Hinterland Who’s Who Factsheets:

Writers, editors, and translators (if not credited on the factsheet): Michèle Poirier, Louise Saint-André, Paddy Muir, Andrée Marcotte, Geneviève Longchamps, Jennifer Poulin and Nadine Cardinal, Claire Dupond, Natalie Cadieux, Louis Majeau, Ginette Bertrand, Isabelle Paradis

Hinterland Who’s Who Public Service Announcements

Narrators and on-camera hosts:

Jody Gienow - Muskoka Wildlife Centre

Louis-René Sénéchal - National Capital Commission

Lorraine Ansel; Louise Villeneuve - The Mensour Agency

Nicole Blundell – AKA Talent Agency

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Mary Rothfels, Russ Weeber, Don Lafontaine, Nick Lunn, Ian Stirling, Chris Harvey Clark, Mike James, Kathleen Martin

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Common Loon – Conquest Films, John Petrella
Monarch Butterfly – Eco-Art Productions Inc., Norm Lightfoot
Leatherback Seaturtle – Nova Scotia Leatherback Turtle Working Group,; Scott A. Eckert, Ph.D. WIDECAST,; Jim Abernethy's Scuba Adventures, Inc.
Polar Bear – Karvonen Films Ltd.,

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City of Ottawa; National Capital Commission; The Mensour Agency; Green Drake Outfitters; Artistic Landscape Designs; AKA Talent Agency; OC Transpo; Leatherback Project,; Jim Rudkoski & Derek Goltz; 3D Graphic Designer (Bat/Moth Animation)Raul Castillo-Negrin,