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Insects outnumber all other forms of wildlife combined.


Approximately 35 000 species of insects have been documented in Canada. So it should come as no surprise that they play a huge role in helping our ecosystem and environment remain healthy.

Consider, for a minute, all the benefits that insects provide:

Birds, fish, and frogs all depend on insects as an invaluable source of food. We humans depend on insects for our honey, beeswax, and silk. Our food crops, flowers, and plants couldn’t flourish without the pollen of nature’s intrepid insects. Insects are also important predators of pests that can destroy our gardens. Plus, our tiny friends also play a critical role in the recycling of materials, eliminating waste, and keeping our soils healthy.

This section will tell you everything you could ever want to know (if not more) about the not-so-creepy critters that call Canada home.

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