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Boreal Forest Species

Canada's Boreal Forest

This section provides a wealth of information about the amazing boreal forest, which rings the northern reaches of the globe, covers about one third of Canada’s land mass, and is home to thousands of wildlife species.

Have a look at our fact sheet on Canada’s boreal forest to learn about the kinds of wildlife species that live in boreal habitat, how the boreal forest makes the world better for all of us, and how we can help conserve the forest.

See the teaching kits Boreal Forest - Global Legacy (PDF 2.33MB) and Canada’s Boreal Forest Tradition and Transition (PDF 3.60MB) for ways to help students of all ages learn about the boreal forest by incorporating boreal information into a wide range of subject areas.

And to find out more about many of the wildlife species that live in the boreal forest, read these Hinterland Who’s Who fact sheets:



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